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Boat Hire Lake Eildon

boat hire lake eildonBoat 4 Hire offers an appreciable tow away service. Our boats are licensed to be used in Lake Eildon. Why not take our boats on holidays and you will surely enjoy our weekly hire rates! Our Polycraft boats can be pulled away by your standard car through our single axle trailors. We highly encourage that you book ahead this season. Avoid the holiday rush and the hassles that go with hiring a boat!

Great Tow Away Destinations: Lake EildonGippsland Lakes, Port Phillip Bay, Corio Bay


  1. Christopher Lindemann says:


    We are planning a fishing trip to lake Eildon next week (7th, 8th and 8th) and would like to hire a boat for at least 1day on Sunday, ideally Saturday afternoon as well.

    We are staying at Taylors Bay, both my friend and i are both Volunteers in Coast Guard, and each of us own our wn boat (unfortunatley, they are too big for the lake),

    Are you able to assist?

    Best Regards,


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