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Boating Regulations to Change


New marine regulations can make it more difficult for boaties to acquire a marine license. With that, we believe that now is a good time to get one. The Department of Transport will be issuing a range of new fines for overstaying at berths and for not wearing PFD’s or retaining improper safety gears on the boat. Other fines apply  for anchoring in restricted areas and having too many passengers on board.

Fines for not wearing a PFD during heightened risk can result in fines as high as $600 for every passenger on a vessel.

What is a heightened risk?

  • When a vessel is crossing or attempting to cross an ocean bar or designated hazardous area
  • When the vessel is being operated by a person who is alone
  • When the vessel is being operated at night, commencing one hour before sunset and ending one hour after it
  • When there is a likelihood that a vessel may capsize or be swamped by waves or the occupants of the vessel may fall overboard or be forced to enter the water
  • When the vessel is operating in an area where a gale, storm, severe thunderstorm or severe weather warning issued by the Bureau of Meteorology
  • When a vessel has no safety barriers, lifelines, safety harness or jacklines in use

There has been talks of different boat licensing requirements for vessels that can take more than twelve passengers. Expect that fines will greatly increase!

Here are examples of some proposed regulations:

· Section 100 requires an all round white light to be displayed at anchor during daytime (penalty infringement $244, court max. $2440).

· Section 14 requires notification in writing within 28 days to the Safety Director for a change of outboard brand, propeller, fuel type, etc. (Penalty infringement $244, court max. $2440)

· Schedule 7 provides penalty infringements of $122 parking fines (s158 Marine Safety Act 2010 already provides for local government car parking ticket inspectors to issue these infringements to  both boaters on the water AND for the council to keep any revenue raised).

· Other high penalty provisions that are “honey pots” are designed to trap boaters into receiving penalty infringements

· The justification used by the Department of Transport for imposing these heavy penalties is based on a “safety case” that is using flawed data deliberately to imply boaters are idiots and need these penalties to behave.

There is a discussion under way to introduce practical boating exams. At Pleasure Cruising Club Inc., we believe in safety first. This is why we have a compulsory training under the Skipper School Certification Level 1 Course.

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Trailer Boat Rage

Ramp Rage Effects Boat Sales in Melbourne!

A research done by the Boating Industry Association of Victoria (BIAV) shows that if more than 3% of boaties go boating on the same day, there are not enough boat ramps and car spots. Boaties, who buy trailer boats, are just leaving them in their garages because they have had enough waiting at ramps. Not-so-good news! The situation is getting  bad that it is effecting boat sales in Melbourne. Trailer boat registrations are going down due to the lack of spending on infrastructures.
Boaties are waiting up to three hours just to launch their boats. Imagine that! So, why buy a boat if Boat 4 Hire can provide one for you? You can even enjoy more boating time!
Contact the Minister of Ports and have your say.

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Rods, Bait & Tackle Open for Business

Rods, Bait & Tackle Open For BusinessDue to demands, we now have readily available fresh baits at Docklands for our customers and the public. You may also rent rods by the hour or day. Other than that, we have available tackle and rods, plus some good advice from our fishing experts. So, when you hire a boat in Melbourne, we provide everything you need!

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Catch of the Day

Go fishing with Boat 4 Hire up the Maribyrnong River. Brims are biting close to Flemington Race Course. Our boats can operate up to 30knots even during windy conditions. No boat license is required. Training is provided, as well!

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Power Boat Courses

Practical & Safe Boat Operators Course on Port Phillip Bay

Boat 4 Hire offers recreational power boat courses on our wide range of Polycraft vessels. These are conducted from Williamstown Boat Ramp.

Power Boat Course Content

  • How to launch and retrieve a trailer boat safely
  • How to berth a boat
  • How to anchor a boat
  • How to read channel markers
  • How to read weather forecast conditions
  • How to conduct a “man overboard” drill
  • What is the safety equipment overview
  • How to refuel a boat
  • What to do after use

These courses are run on one-on-one basis, utilizing our Bow Rider power 90hp, which has a towing weight of 1700kg.

Course cost is $350 for three hours duration. Additional courses include snapper fishing techniques.

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Junior Boat Hands Wanted

Junior Boat Hands Wanted

You can choose to flip burgers or aim for a great lifestyle role.

Are you a passionate boatie? Want to get marine experience? Learn about boating from the best and become a captain! If you want to learn new skills, apply for a high paying job with flexible work hours on the water!

We are on the hunt for school student help. Training will be provided, but applicants must be well-groomed, hardworking and reliable and can work on weekends.

For those qualified, please send your application to Attach your resume and tell us about yourself. Previous work experience in hospitality and retail is highly regarded.

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Learn How to Catch Snapper!

Learn How to Catch Snapper!

learn how to catch snap

Boat 4 Hire Provides Snapper Fishing Classes

Book our Bow Rider and head to the best fishing spots! Since it’s in survey for night use, you can beat the boat ramp queues.

We are asked where snapper can be caught. One location you can check on is in the calm waters of  Yarra Rivera near Pier 35 Marina. Need a proof? Just take a look at Mark’s catch on the photo!

With Boat 4 Hire boats, you don’t have to go far to get a good catch. Our new open hours mean you can be on the water as early as 6:30am to enjoy more fishing time!

Ask Zac, our fishing expert, about snapper fishing classes. Take your private guide and learn from the best. No more coming back empty-handed! Go start snapper fishing and head off to the fish shop for dinner.

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No Boat License Required

Great news! No boat license required to use a Boat 4 Hire boat that has 8hp capacity.

There are lots of boating adventures to do in Melbourne. Why not take the family for a day out (up to five people) on our rugged Polycraft boat? There are miles and miles of waterways to explore, from Docklands to Herring Island, Southbank and the Crown Casino. Where the rowing sculls glide by! Take the other route and go up the Maribyrnong River, Flemington Race Course to the Angles Tavern. Another option is go to Hobsons Bay and Williamstown. Because our hire boats in Melbourne function in sheltered waters, they can operate up to 30knots of wind in contrast to the cut off point of 15knots in the bay!

Under current marine regulations, no boat license is required on engine sizes under 10hp.  All our boats are authorized by the government as safe to use. Also, Boat 4 Hire boats come with all the safety gears. And for every boat use, full instruction is provided for you!

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If It’s Blowing, We Keep You Going!

img.ashxBoat Hire Wind Conditions in Melbourne & Hobsons Bay

The unusually strong winds do not mean you can’t go boating. If it’s blowing in the bay with more than 15knots, our Boat 4 Hire boats can still run. You can still go fishing in the Warmies, Williamstown and the Yarra. So, don’t miss out on a good day as other operators are not able to use their boats during heavy winds. We can look after you all year round!

With our location on the Yarra, you can get to the ” warmies” and there are other catches on the Maribyrnong River, too. Check out the links and be amazed of what you can get from fishing!

So, if it’s blowing more than 15knots and you find no hire boat around Melbourne, call us! We can bring you on the water at an affordable cost- boats on budget prices!

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