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Boat Driving Course

boat driving course


Boat Driving Course (Skipper School)

It’s a great feeling taking that first step to becoming a certified boatie. If you have just gotten your boating license, the next step is to get you on the boat. Boat4hire offers one-on-one training on our Mustang 28 Sports Cruiser to keep our guests safe and avoid costly accidents.

How Much Does our Boat Driving Course Cost?

Our self-drive 8-hour hire package includes our two-hour instruction course.  The 8-hour session is prepaid and can be taken as 2 x 4-hour sessions or 1 8r session. The 2 hr training session does not come out of the 8-hour package.

Why is Skipper Course Mandatory for our Mustang Guests?

In Victoria, there is no compulsory practical boat training provided for self-drive boat license drivers.  Safety comes first and we have found during our 12 years of operation the skill levels of boaties vary from a complete novice to very experienced. The novice boatie can quickly get into “harm’s way” and risk the lives of their family and friends.  We take the view that a fundamental course will allow us to test our guest’s skill levels for competency to take out our vessel or if further training is required.

What’s Covered in our self-drive boating course?

– Berthing technique: how to safely park the boat against a pier avoiding hull damage.
– Rope Work: how to safely tie up the vessel quickly and simply. Knowing the fundamental rule of having a rope in your hand.
– Anchoring: How to safely lower and raise the anchor in the right conditions
– Navigation: How to navigate the vessel with the iPad provided to avoid grounding the vessel
– Safety drills including MOB (Man overboard drills), Fire Drills, impact drills

Plus many more life-lasting skills helping our guests to enjoy safe and enjoyable boating.

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