Boat Hire Melbourne Safety Tips

Boat Hire Melbourne Safety Tips- Unveil the marvels of Melbourne’s waterways with our boat hire services. We prioritize your safety during your Polycraft boat adventure, even if you lack a boat license. At, we make safety effortless.

So as you prepare for your Melbourne boating escapade, keep in mind these safety tips:

Before you set sail, make the most of our comprehensive training and briefing sessions. Moreover, arrive 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled hire to engage in this vital training.

In Addition, choose from our selection of three Polycraft boats: JOY (40HP), MARY, and SPEEDY (both equipped with 100HP). No license? No problem! Our boats are geared for daytime jaunts—no license required. Tailor your excursion with options for 2, 4, or 8-hour hire.

Put safety first with a $500 bond—a safeguard for all hires. This step ensures your safety and safeguards our boats’ integrity. – Boat Hire in Melbourne Safety Tips

Polycraft JOY accommodates 5 passengers, offering an intimate experience. MARY welcomes 8, while SPEEDY caters to 10, making every adventure a shared one.

Furthermore, for licensed drivers, please be aware that fuel costs are not included, granting you complete control over your fuel consumption. (Boat Hire Melbourne Safety Tips)

So Keep in mind, safety on the water is a shared responsibility. Again at Boat4Hire, we’re committed to your safety and satisfaction. If an exciting Melbourne waterway adventure beckons you, answer the call at Your secure adventure begins here.

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