Power Boat Courses

Practical & Safe Boat Operators Course on Port Phillip Bay

Boat 4 Hire offers recreational power boat courses on our wide range of Polycraft vessels. These are conducted from Williamstown Boat Ramp.

Power Boat Course Content

  • How to launch and retrieve a trailer boat safely
  • How to berth a boat
  • How to anchor a boat
  • How to read channel markers
  • How to read weather forecast conditions
  • How to conduct a “man overboard” drill
  • What is the safety equipment overview
  • How to refuel a boat
  • What to do after use

These courses are run on one-on-one basis, utilizing our Bow Rider power 90hp, which has a towing weight of 1700kg.

Course cost is $350 for three hours duration. Additional courses include snapper fishing techniques.