Learn How to Catch Snapper!

learn how to catch snap

Boat 4 Hire Provides Snapper Fishing Classes

Book our Bow Rider and head to the best fishing spots! Since it’s in survey for night use, you can beat the boat ramp queues.

We are asked where snapper can be caught. One location you can check on is in the calm waters of  Yarra Rivera near Pier 35 Marina. Need a proof? Just take a look at Mark’s catch on the photo!

With Boat 4 Hire boats, you don’t have to go far to get a good catch. Our new open hours mean you can be on the water as early as 6:30am to enjoy more fishing time!

Ask Zac, our fishing expert, about snapper fishing classes. Take your private guide and learn from the best. No more coming back empty-handed! Go start snapper fishing and head off to the fish shop for dinner.