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Our fishing gear includes rods, bait, and fish finders, with no boat license required for fishing near the Yarra or nearby areas like Warmies and Port Melbourne. However, a fishing license is always required. To help you find the best fishing spots, we also provide fishing maps when you rent a boat from us.

Check out our hot fishing spots in the calm waters of the Yarra and Warmies. Tides also play a significant role in fishing success. Many experienced anglers prefer fishing during the rising tide or the high tide. This is because the incoming tide brings in baitfish and other food sources, attracting larger predatory fish. You can catch flatties all year round

Melbourne's best kept secret, some of the best fishing spots can be found under the Yarra River bridges. You can catch a variety of fish from Bream, Snapper, Mulloway and Kingfish.

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Our Polycrafts are powered by either a 40HP (Joy) for 5 guests or 100 HP (Speedy and Mary) for additional power up to 8 guests . Navigation lights provided for night use and bait boards provided. "All safety equipment will be provided while GPS tracking ensures if assistance ever becomes necessary that guests follow safe conditions at all times- bad weather guarantee ensures guests get out into enjoyable safe conditions. Our after hours service for licensed drivers allows early morning pickups at 5am or drop offs after midnight.



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fishing boat hire melbourne
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fishing boat hire melbourne

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fishing boat hire melbourne

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Established in 2007  we have been providing boating services and conducted over 10,000 skipper training hours helping boating novices learn important boating skills.  We have the most diverse range of boat hire options in Melbourne.


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