Off-Peak Season Discount! Use Bow Rider for 11 days

Off-Peak Season Discount

End of financial year offer – Become one of our “Speedy” members and use our Polycraft Bow Rider 5.3 for only $250 per month with no hidden boating costs. This membership only offers 10 boating days but we’re adding 1 more day FREE! Sign up before the month ends, and we’re giving you a 50% discount on our joining fee. From $250 to only $125.

ADVANTAGES: Tow the boat for days and have a fun weekend with family and friends. Get on-line priority calendar access, pick and drop off after hours, avoid the “ramp rage” waiting times, and faster service with no time required to fill in agreements. Its like having your own boat without having to maintain it!

Don’t waste time, this is a very limited offer! Offer only available from June to August.