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fishing boat hire melbourne

Fishing Boat Hire Melbourne


Join us for your fishing boat hire Melbourne experience, with our optional bait and tackle service! Fishing in Melbourne is one of the most popular recreational activities, and there’s a great variety of fish to catch.

What fish can you catch near Docklands?


Mulloway or the Jewfish are a prized catch that sits on the top of many Victorian angler’s bucket lists. A stunning fish with a large mouth and distinctive silver or bronze color. These big and powerful fish are found within the Yarra River. Often needing to fish through the night on peak tides and moon phases to land one. Jewfish are mainly caught in the river  Mulloway is a predator that feeds on small fish,m squid, and yabbies, therefore, they will take both bait and soft plastics.

Recommended baits to catch Mulloway

Mulloway is a sizable predator that likes feeding on smaller fish within their environment. Therefore live baits are a top choice when targeting mulloway with the live bait carefully pinned behind the neck to allow the bait to swim freely or like a wounded fish. Staple easily accessible dead baits also work well on Mulloway. A running sinker rig to a single 5/0 – 8/0 hook or a double snelled hook to present the bait nicely. Recommended options include.

  • Live mullet
  • Live salmon
  • live whiting
  • live squid
  • whole pilchard
  • trevally
  • garfish
  • prawns
  • chicken
  • whole squid

They can grow well over a meter which is incredible for this strong fighting fish. They can reach up to 1.8 meters and 60 kilos. The minimum legal size is 60cm with a daily bag limit of 5 over the legal size

There is no need for a boat license to hire a fishing boat in Melbourne. All that is required is a fishing license. Our team will provide full instruction on how to handle hire boats safely.

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